About Us

The purpose of the Work Experience Centre is to create an opportunity for Mental Health clients and residents of Vincent House and from around our local community, to be trained and given skills useful for the workplace.

How we accomplish this is by providing clients with an opportunity where they are trained in our factory, here we create different jobs and tasks that help develop their skills.

We  manufacture timber dowel, pack kindling, make sign surrounds for the Industry and point and paint real estate pegs for the likes of Crockford,  Harcourts, Ray White,  and First National to name a few in Tauranga area and Lugtons Ltd from Hamilton.

The vision of the Vincent House Work Experience Centre is to train as many residents as possible and give them the pathway to a paid employment.

We strive to train our clients to a level of competence where they are then able to be integrated back into society with all the necessary skills to find work, and in turn, be able to support themselves.

We are a Not for Profit Charitable Organisation established in 1987. Registration number: CC24505


Over the years the aim of Vincent House has been to assist our clients back to wellness and to integrate them back into the community.

In the early years we did not specialise in any particular group of needy people. We had both men and women but always had more men, often a waiting list. Residents were sometimes self referred, came through a church family, or referred from Justice, Mental Health and social services.

However by June 2000, mental health clients numbered 70% of the total intake of 53 men that year.

By 2003, the board decided to focus their attention solely on Mental Health consumers who were making their way out of hospital or somewhere in the process of rehabilitation. Vincent House then achieved Mental Health certification from the Health Board.

Presently, all the cases that come to Vincent House Trust are clinical; the consumers have been diagnosed as having an acute or enduring form of a mental illness. There are many forms of mental illnesses apart from the major ones i.e. Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Depression. There can be a mixture of them all, there can be a shading of one with Aspergers or with attention deficit disorder. Whatever the case, present agreement or understanding sees all cases as individuals with complex beginnings and treatments may differ vastly between cases that seem similar.

Vincent House takes on clients that are judged incapable of looking after themselves although capable of some duties about the house. This stage of their illness is known as Level 3. They need support when required to get up to begin the day, have breakfast and fulfill the day positively because their experience with this illness has marginalized them in a terrible way.

Here lies the current focus of our work.